Note. The terms and conditions shown on this web page apply to those Richard Lloyd titles available direct from Richard Lloyd Playscripts. For terms, conditions, and fees applying to Richard Lloyd titles published and licensed by Samuel French Ltd, please contact Samuel French Ltd., 52, Fitzroy Street, London. W1P 6JR.

PLEASE NOTE: Copyright in Richard Lloyd Playscripts is fully protected under the Copyright Laws of the British Commonwealth of Nations, the United States of America and all countries of the Berne and Universal Copyright Conventions. All rights, including Stage, Motion Picture, Radio, Television, Public Reading and Translations into Foreign Languages, are strictly reserved.

No part of these works may lawfully be reproduced in ANY form or by any means; photocopying, typescript, manuscript, recording, electronic, mechanical or otherwise, or be transmitted or stored in a retrieval system, without the prior written permission of the author.


Richard Lloyd Playscripts are laser printed in A4 portrait format and supplied fully bound with plastic covers at a cost of £5.95 UK Sterling (GBP) per script, postage paid within the UK.
Overseas postage charged at cost.
We will send out single perusal scripts free of charge on application. These must be returned in good condition within 28 days.

Licences for amateur performance

Licences for amateur performance are issued subject to the understanding that the author’s name shall be included on all programmes, posters, flyers and other publicity material.
The Royalty Fee for each and every amateur performance of a Richard Lloyd Playscript is £50.00 UK Sterling (GBP).

A Performing Licence must be granted before any performance can be given. It is an infringement of Copyright Law to give any performance or public reading of a play before the fee has been paid and the licence issued. Please note that agents are employed to monitor and report internet, social media, and local press notices and reviews of amateur productions of plays in which the author has Copyright.

Application forms for a performing licence are available on request, and can be posted out, sent by email, or downloaded here.

Please allow 4 weeks before the date of your first performance when applying for a Performing Licence. Full payment for all performances should be made with the application, together with one copy of a flyer, poster, handbill, advertisement, or other item of promotional literature relating to the planned production.

Richard Lloyd Playscripts impose no restriction on the video recording of performances where this is undertaken in order to provide a record of the production for participants.

For professional performances, and halls seating more than 300, fees are subject to negotiation.


Payment should be by cheque drawn on a recognised UK bank, banker’s draft, postal order, or international money order in UK £ Sterling (GBP). Alternatively, we take Paypal and can issue you with a PayPal invoice if required. Regrettably we can’t take credit or debit card payments.


To order copies of scripts, to apply for a performing licence, or to request any other information, contact Richard Lloyd Playscripts.

Richard Lloyd Playscripts
The Walled Garden
Oxted Road

Or by email at:

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