Welcome to our tasty selection of 20 great plays. Fresh and frisky pantos, rollicking adaptations of classic tales, plus a couple of cracking musicals thrown in for good measure.

Whichever you choose, you’ll find sparkling characterisation, punchy plotting, and an infectious sense of fun. Every script has been crafted to deliver maximum enjoyment, not just for your audience, but just as importantly for your cast as well. Each has been tested to destruction and refined in full-blown production, with over 500 productions staged around the UK and beyond.

Terrific fun to play or watch, each script includes detailed notes on staging, and suggestions on how to achieve the very best from your production, whether on a shoestring or in the grand manner.

If you’ve been looking for a script which marries tradition with novelty, chutzpah, and a little more contemporary appeal – you’ve come to the right place. Thanks for visiting. Enjoy the site.

Note: Some of my scripts are published and licensed by Samuel French Ltd, others directly by me. (Click on the ‘scripts’ tab above, and then choose either ‘scripts straight from Richard’ or ‘scripts from Samuel French Ltd’).

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